Brake Systems

Why ignore that brake warning light? In minutes, anywhere, we repair and replace parts.


Since your battery helps your car run, the alternator charges the batter. When you use your lights, radio and a/c etc., your battery loses power. First your battery warning light flashes. Then your battery dies. We check your charging system, belts, cables, and if needed, install a new alternator. We even clean your battery cables.

Belts & Pulleys

It may be the reason your battery light flashes. Or steam flies from under the hood; or you hear a squeaking sound. We check all possible causes. We then either repair or replace your old or damaged belt. We also adjust tensions. Its too easy to fix and too cost effective not to call us.


In Vegas’ hellish heat you need a busted radiator like Custer needed more Indians. Having served the valley for years, we know exactly what to do when you call us from your car with hood up and steam rolling.

Shocks and Struts

Tell-tale signs include:

  • The car ride feels bouncy
  • Car rolls when you turn the car
  • Front end dips when you hit the brakes

You need us to replace your shocks or struts.

Spark Plugs

When your plugs fire smoothly, your engine runs best and you save gas. But they do wear out. Here are clues that your spark plug needs us taking a look:

  • Misfire code has turned your “Check Engine Light on;
  • You notice that your fuel economy is not as it was;
  • You notice that you do not get the power you once did when you hit the peddle; or you just failed your State’s emission testing.

Why wait. We replace in a flash and at great savings; anywhere; and in any situation.

Home or Workplace Service

Why sit in an auto repair shop waiting room when you can leave problem to us—with no interruption to your schedule or lost time from work. And save big. Many of our customers say our invoice was “ …half what the Dealer quoted.” And you need no tow truck since we conveniently show up at your driveway, or workplace parking lot.


You turn the key. Car battery is road-kill dead. We show. In minutes you’re good to go.


Being a motor, all starters fail. Does yours crank slowly or sound funny? Often the problem is fixable on the spot. Call us.


• No need for expensive towing

• No overhead surcharge for expensive physical location—we’re mobile

• No lost work time—we do it at your house; workplace or where stranded

• Military Discounts Available


• We warranty all Parts

• Years of Vegas Experience